Artisan sausage
producer & caterer

Who we are

Old School Sausages are a family-owned artisan traditional sausage producer.

Our gourmet artisanal sausages are based on a 1930s recipe which uses hand-trimmed cuts of pork shoulder, toasted breadcrumbs and quality seasoning.

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We have plenty of variety! We rotate our sausage flavours each week, follow us on Twitter & Facebook or check back to see what is on offer each week.

*Available only in Northampton

Spit-Roast, BBQs and more

We cater for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, christenings and many other special occasions.

We produce our own sausages, burgers, salads & potato dishes – as well as supplying all cutlery, plates, napkins etc.

It all starts with gourmet artisanal sausages

Martin Clements is a big fan of the humble sausage and so, when he found that he was continually disappointed with what was available on the high street, he decided to make his own. Having worked in the food-processing industry for many years he luckily had access to the equipment and expertise to make this happen and then he roped in his family to help.

Over time this expanded into helping with events simply because our expertise was in demand we had direct contact with a wide range of the best local producers.

But one day each week Martin still dons his gear and makes amazing sausages in our five-star rated facility in Northampton.

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Want to order the best sausages? Have any questions? Got a special that you want? We are always open to talk about what we do and how we can help you.