We have a passion
for the humble sausage

Its fair to say that Martin Clements is a man who likes a sausage and that he knows a lot about what constitutes a good one.

Faced with a level of disappointment in what came from the High Street he simply decided to make his own. Things started small but friends quickly noticed the quality of the bangers that Martin put on the table and wanted some for themselves. Soon the whole family was involved.

It’s a labour of love for Martin – he still makes traditional sausages every Friday in his own five-star Northampton facility, using only the very best local ingredients.

At heart we remain an artisinal food producer making what Martin wants to eat but, due to popular demand, we have now turned our expertise and direct access to the best local produce to alsostaging and curating amazing spit-roasts and barbecues across the region.

How we make our sausages

Step 1

The Meat

We use only the very finest locally-sourced meat, selected by us, trimmed and prepared in-house.

Step 2

The Mix

We use a traditional 1930’s recipe using toasted breadcrumbs and quality seasonings.

Step 3


Our five-star rated facility benefits from Martin’s many years of experience in the food-processing industry.

Step 4


Every Friday we produce a range of the very best sausages…

Try them for yourself.

What our customers say

I have just tried one of the burgers and it was delicious. Very very tasty! 🙂
Ellie Hampton
Tried a sample of pork sausage best sausages I have eaten. No fat at all just full of lovely meat. Looking forward to trying different flavours which I have ordered for next week..
Caroline Pollard
Have sausages most weeks highly recommend good choice of sausages to suit most people won't get better anywhere else.
Tony Young

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